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Princess Shawl

It's fashion has never been old! It has always remained on the agenda with its elegant look and shine. Introducing Princess Shawl!


Tiffany Shawl

A little thin than medina silk, a little thicker than chiffon shawl! Draped structure

easy to take shape, bright texture looks great!

Aqua Şal Ucu Desenli Mürdüm 1.JPG

Aqua Shawl

This cotton-blend shawl, due to its natural texture

you will like it!


Yakma Scarf

With the special prints we make, you can see the pattern you want on a thin cut and a cut thick!


Miocaz Shawl

Our Miocaz Series, which is the newest product of our cutting-edge production quality, is here! It will make a difference with its lumpy texture!

Safir Şal Şarabi 1.JPG

Safir Shawl

Thanks to its affordable price, bright structure and light weight, its easy use has always kept it in bestseller!


Digital Printing Twill Silk

Thanks to our digital printing technology, we can apply very vivid colors to the fabric you want, and we can manufacture according to the desired button.

Dijital Baskı Medine İpeği Desen 1 (1).j

Digital Printing Medina Silk

With the digital printing we applied to Medina silk, we obtained very vivid colors in a draped product. The result is perfect!

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